What others are saying about One Wingate Way



My parents have lived at Wingate for over 2 years and have been happy. Wingate handled the Covid pandemic with so much care and safety for the residents, I am forever grateful. They went above and beyond to keep the residents safe and healthy. The staff, especially Amy Lucas who is a superstar, are wonderful. The common areas and apartments are beautiful and there is no shortage of activities and “field trips” for the residents!



My nonagenarian father has been a thoroughly pleased resident of One Wingate Way Independent Living since moving in four years ago. The attentiveness, enthusiasm, and friendliness of the entire staff has made him feel truly welcome and important from day one. Whatever might arise, from a balky TV remote, to a ride into Boston, to his Sunday omelet “made just the way I like it”, to a health concern, there is always someone available to help keep Dad independent.

Concierge Marianne is friendly, welcoming, and consistently helpful. Activity Director Lynn takes an enthusiastic interest in residents as individuals, celebrates their life accomplishments, and organizes fun experiences. How great it was to see Dad with an ear to ear grin riding a swan boat with his Wingate family! They are the staff members I see most often and they’re always looking out for him.

The facility is immaculate. It gives me tremendous peace of mind that Dad calls One Wingate Way, home.”



“My mother has lived here since it opened. She enjoys the sense of community and beautiful building. She enjoys coming down to the bistro for breakfast and seeing other residents. She also enjoys the great activities and holiday celebrations. All the staff are wonderful. One Wingate is top notch!”



My mother has lived at One Wingate Way for just over two years and I’m so glad we chose it. It was recommended to me by a care manager who knows the local options very well and said that OWW had impressed her at every level. Our experience has been consistent with hers. Without exception, the Wingate staff have been extremely professional, accommodating, and genuinely kind to my family. They’ve worked with me extensively to make sure that my mother feels safe and happy, and I’ve seen that they do their best to foster a true sense of belonging for every resident and their families. Comparing my experience to those of my friends with parents in other places has been eye opening. It’s well known by now that the COVID-19 crisis forced pre-existing problems at many establishments to the surface (such as gaps in management, poor leadership, etc.)—with a tragic human cost. In contrast, my trust in Wingate only increased as I saw how deeply they prioritized the safety of each resident and provided every available resource for the community to stay well, with as little sacrifice as possible in quality of life. I feel lucky that we found such a well-managed, beautiful, and compassionate place for my mother to call home.



“The staff is great,very helpful and friendly, the residents are nice, and the amenities are tops. The staff provide daily activities that the residents enjoy.”


How Residents Felt with Wingate’s Response to Covid


“If I’m going to be somewhere, I feel pretty lucky to be at One Wingate Way. It actually feels like I’m at a country club, being waited on. The staff are so friendly, despite what’s happening in the outside world. The community is supplying everything that I need. I don’t feel that I have to go out and run a single errand. And if I do, the drivers will pick it up for me! If I feel like I want to talk to someone, I know I can always go downstairs and there will be someone around. The leadership team is doing such a great job. Right now, all we have is each other and again, I feel very lucky to be here and am so glad not to be alone.”



“I feel very happy and safe. I am grateful. We are all trying to be nice and helpful to each other, as we know we are all in this together. Being a vulnerable group, we have to make sure that we are careful, which is what we are doing. And the staff are doing such a great job in taking good care of us. ❤”



“I feel safe and protected. There is a genuine sense of togetherness. Everyone is trying to help each other and handle our anxieties about the unknowns. It is nice to know that everyone feels the exact same fears. The only negative is that I am not able to see my family. We’re just staying connected in a different way.”


“There’s a real sense of family, even with only moving up here 6 months ago. The staff are always available and keep us informed. As much as I would love to be in Florida, I am so glad that I am not alone there. We have a community as we go through this terrible time.”



“I think the team is doing an amazing job of keeping residents feeling calm and content during this terrible time. We still have people to talk to and all of our needs being met. I’m sad not to be with my family, however, they come wave at the front door and we can facetime” (I won’t include this line in a testimonial – but she also said “I’m great – I’m invited for cocktails every time I turn around).”



“I can’t have visitors in, but there are people here to visit with so I don’t feel lonely or isolated. I’m very happy here. There’s always company around but I also have the option of going to my apartment. I still have a great choice for food and the servers and staff are always accommodating.”



“I feel protected and safe. I’m part of a bigger community that I feel close to. At the same time there’s a strong sense of caring from the management and people who work here. It’s a very lovely facility so it’s not bad at all to stay inside.”