How a lifestyle approach to wellness is redefining senior living

The idea of “aging well” has become increasingly popular with senior living communities in recent years. Flip through any senior living brochure, website or program description today and you’ll find the term “wellness” used to describe almost every activity and amenity. It makes you wonder – what even is wellness? Is it a state of mind, or is it about physical well-being? Does yoga have to be a part of it? Could it be a cult, maybe? Or, worse, is “wellness” just another buzzword?

We’re committing to wellness differently

We’re taking a new approach to wellness, and, unlike any other community, our goal is to empower people in our community to put health and happiness above everything else. Wellness is not just one program or one event; it’s a lifestyle.

We know wellness is more than an exercise routine. Aqua by Wingate, our exclusive wellness lifestyle, combines modern self-care practices with an inspired lifestyle normally associated with the most luxurious resorts and spas in the world. Our dedication to individual well-being sets us apart. While most communities have staff to motivate residents to make healthy choices, our team accommodates every individual to create a personal wellness journey with purpose. The Aqua lifestyle takes a complete approach to creating an empowered lifestyle, with freedom of choice at the center.

Better information inspires adventure

Activities and events are run by true experts in their fields who can speak extensively about the benefits of what they’re teaching – whether it’s during a health class on the principles of the Alexander Technique, a functional fitness practice using mindfulness to release tension from everyday activities, or an interactive workshop about scotch whiskey complete with educational presentations and a craft scotch tasting. As a result, residents are not just engaged by a wide range of options, they’re given the tools they need to make an informed decision to live a healthier life.

Modern trends for the modern senior

Your life in retirement doesn’t need to be the same as anyone else before you. In fact, we think it should be better. Aging, in and of itself, shouldn’t immediately disqualify you from partaking in some of the latest health trends – after all, if it’s good enough for a 30-something, who’s to say older adults aren’t interested? Instead of setting new boundaries, Aqua by Wingate is pushing boundaries by adapting today’s wellness trends in fitness, cuisine and leisure to better serve our community and inspire healthy living.

Community with a shared vision

By investing in the quality AND quantity of available resources at our community, our residents are confident about trying new or unconventional things. More importantly, our community has evolved into a supportive hub where folks can speak to their own experience and newfound expertise when encouraging friends and neighbors to explore new horizons.

Everything created with a dedication to luxury

We’ve combined stylish accommodations with a culture of hospitality to give residents a resort-style retirement experience. Spa services at Aqua by Wingate like aromatherapy and globally-inspired massages allow our residents to incorporate leisure and luxury to their everyday routines. Our community features state-of-the-art accommodations, like fitness facilities with an onsite aquatic center, five-star dining rooms featuring open kitchens and well-appointed apartments with customizable design options.

Ready to see it for yourself?

One Wingate Way is hosting an exclusive Experience Aqua wellness retreat on Thursday, March 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy a preview into resort-style senior living, complete with craft cuisine, low-impact fitness and interactive workshops.

Tickets are just $45, but space is limited; confirm your spot today by calling (781) 247-6638 or RSVP by clicking below: