Risks of Waiting to Choose Senior Living

Have you ever had a child or friend try to “start a conversation” with you about senior living? If so, what was your response? If you weren’t so keen on the idea, you’re not alone. When loved ones suggest exchanging the independence and comfort of living in your own home for life at a senior living community, it’s easy to wave off the idea or even feel offended. For one, you most likely know your own needs including whether you need help taking care of yourself. Plus, if you’ve been settled in one place for a long time, organizing and packing up all of your belonings can feel like an overwhelming task.

It’s normal to have concerns or feelings of uncertainty about senior living. However, the decision to choose senior living sooner rather than later isn’t just about meeting your needs today; in many ways, it’s about planning ahead for the future. If you’re resisting the conversation about long-term care, it’s important to understand how delaying this decision can have consequences. Here are a few reasons to start considering senior living sooner rather than later:

Living On Your Own Can Be Risky

As our bodies age, we face a higher risk of experiencing accidents that come with serious repercussions. Many seniors are confident in caring for themselves, and while this may be the case for day-to-day tasks, there are still many hard-to-plan-for incidents that can suddenly limit our independence. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the number one cause of injuries for adults over 65. In many cases, one fall can be damaging enough to limit mobility or require home modifications for safety. If someone falls or has a medical emergency alone at home, and doesn’t have either a phone within reach or a loved one checking in regularly, they may not be able to get help.

Staying Social Can Be a Challenge

Living alone can also lead to feelings of isolation. Without loved ones nearby or access to safe, reliable transportation, it can be difficult to stay connected and social. This can bring on feelings of loneliness and even depression, which have been shown to lower quality of life and even shorten lifespans. One of the many benefits of life in a senior living community is the convenience and proximity to community events, activities, classes, and social clubs to meet people and expand your social circle. With so many senior living options today, more people are choosing independent living just for the social benefits. It can provide a lot of peace of mind for your friends and family knowing you’re enjoying yourself and living on your own terms in a community where you have access to additional care if you ever need it.

Keeping Up with Home Maintenance Doesn’t Get Easier

The process of selling your home may sound overwhelming, but once it’s done, you’ll have a lot less stress about home management and upkeep. Keeping your house tidy and safe involves a lot of tiring work. Doing yard work, cleaning the house and fixing appliances, along with dozens of other chores, are a burden at any age but can be even more problematic for older adults. If you’re limited on your ability to do routine housework, you may end up spending a lot of money hiring someone to help out around the house. Independent living takes away the trouble of home maintenance. Instead of spending your Sunday afternoon catching up on chores, you can rest easy knowing there’s always someone nearby to lend a helping hand—even if you just need help changing a lightbulb.

Selling a Home ‘the Right Way’ Takes Time

It’s also important to note that if you decide to sell your home, you’ll want to be able to maximize the return on your investment. Putting your home on the market as soon as you begin the process of looking into senior living will give you more control over the selling process, rather than rushing to sell it to the first bidder in the case that a medical event influences your decision to suddenly make a move.

Exploring Your Options is Better Than Settling

Don’t wait for a medical emergency to catch you off guard before looking into senior living. If something happens that makes it harder for you to care for yourself, you may feel rushed to move into the first senior living community with an opening. Instead, be prepared and start looking into your options ahead of time. Give yourself plenty of time to schedule tours, speak with staff and residents, and find the community best suited to your interests. Since some senior living residences fill up quickly, it’s never a bad idea to start exploring your options even sooner. Beginning your search early will help you avoid frustration and stress and give you the leeway to wait on your first choice if needed.

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